Healing Power of Crystals on Cancer


It goes without saying that Crystals are for the extra support and we do not suggest or recommend avoiding your doctor’s medication during treatments.


One of the most often asked question i get - "What Stones I would suggest for my loved one suffering from cancer?"

History recounts many cancer survivors claiming the power and the healing effect of crystals. They can amplify the power of medicines and add to ensuring a peace of mind in such difficult time.

 Why use Healing Crystals for Cancer?

For every cancer, there are specific healing crystals that can affect particular chakra points for healing. While crown and third eye heals brain related cancers, throat heals respiratory and oral cancers. Heart chakra heals blood cancer and solar plexus chaakra heals gut related cancers. The root chakra is ideal for skin and other cancers while sacral chakra is the life force energy.

When you use gemstones for cancer healing, you sign up for a new life. It can speed your recovery against cancer and prevent it from coming again. For doing so, you need to target the right chakra as well as use the crystals the right way.


 Rose Quartz For Breast Cancer

Pink and heart are synonymous with breast cancer crystals. Rose Quartz is an excellent friend to hold close in your battle against breast cancer. From stress to pain, wearing Rose Quartz Bracelet can bring relief and speedy recovery.

Rose quartz also gives you the love you might be missing due to the meds and therapy. It helps you be yourself even when your body is fighting the hardest.


Hematite For Brain Cancer

Do you know the median age for brain tumor diagnosis is 60 years? Up to 80,000 new cases of brain tumor is expected this year! If you or someone you love is suffering from it, give them the relief of crystal energy.

Having powerful energy to displace or dissolve malignant brain tumors, hematite can work effectively on diminishing the physical pain in brain cancer patients. Hematite helps in grounding negative thoughts away. That way your brain can work on healing than battling the bad energies surrounding it.


Amethyst For Lung Cancer

You probably didn’t know this- about 14% of all the new reported cancers are lung cancer! If you had a habit of smoking, you might want to add this crystal to your list of healing stones. Almost the same amount of men and women die from this disease every year!

Rejuvenating the organs is not the only merit of the purple crystal as Amethyst also regenerates failed organs. Victims of chronic tobacco use often comprise the majority of lung cancer patients.  

Amethyst is known as the crystal of the lungs. Not only does it help in de-addiction and rehabilitation, amethyst also works by ejecting the tar out of your lungs. It provides a boost for the medicines and prepares your body for recovery.


Howlite For Bone Cancer

This year, about 3,500 new cases of bone cancer are expected to be diagnosed with 1,600 of them terminal. One of the little known cancers, bone cancer puts you through hell and back. If you’re suffering from this, this is for you.

One of the gravest types of cancer, bone marrow cancer can be treated by gaining superhuman strength in your bones. Pristine healing crystals such as howlite introduce a vigorous vitality through your bones, helping it to defend and attack cancerous cells

Howlite helps to repair your bones by giving you strength and tethering you to the higher realm using your crown chakra energies. You can use it to find recovery!


Carnelian For Kidney Cancer

The estimated amount of kidney cancer diagnosis this year is 73,820! It is recorded as the 6th most common cancer in men and 8th most common in women.

The bright ray of hope to many, Carnelian is a savior for patients of kidney cancer as it alleviates the unbearable pain and malignancy of the disease. When the right crystals are used on the lymph nodes and bladders, our body generates healing vibrations that gradually repairs the nephrons in your kidney.

Carnelian helps in repairing your lower chakras as it controls the solar plexus and sacral centers in addition to the root.


Red Garnet For Blood Cancer

Did you know every three minutes, someone is diagnosed with blood cancer around the world? It is one of the worst cancers that spreads quickly.

In addition to pills and innovative treatments, wearing Red Garnet will purify the blood, reinforce the vessels and boost the circulation.

Red garnet is called the blood stone by crystal users for its restorative powers on the heart and the blood.


Smoky Quartz For Ovarian Cancer

Did you know the risk of a woman developing ovarian cancer? 1 in 78!

Healing almost all lower chakra disorders, smoky quartz reduces physical and mental damage due to the cancerous growth in your ovaries. By releasing negative thoughts and blocks, this Smoky Quartz heals your reproductive tract and prevents cancer from spreading too.

Smoky quartz helps to flush out the toxins from your ovaries and revitalize you back to health.


It goes without saying that Crystals are for the extra support and we do not suggest or recommend avoiding your doctor’s medication during treatments.